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Time for B.M.

Posted by nuruliman45 on February 19, 2011

What??? B.M.??


…Yes, Bahasa Melayu..ingat ape tadi ek? :-p


This is my first official post in Malay…

I figured that there are certain things which I would feel more expressive if written in Malay.  I’m not sure how far I can go on writing in Malay, but I’ll take a whack at it.  hehe.


So, starting today, I’ll be using both languages, English and Malay for my posts.

Ehem..Jadi, mulai hari ini, saya akan menggunakan dua bahasa, Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Malaysia untuk post-post dalam blog ini.

(haha, took a little time to translate there…)


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Another friend ‘settled’

Posted by nuruliman45 on June 17, 2010

Women are married for four reasons:

for their wealth, their status, their beauty and their religion,

and that the good Muslims are the ones who

marry women because of their faith. (Muslim)


…it’s blissful to know that yet another companion of mine (sahabat) has settled down to increase their faith (as the above hadeeth) 🙂

As I had wrote about last year (wow, it’s been over a year already) about a big sis from my Campus happily wedded (last year’s entry)…

This year I’m happy to share that a Big Bro from my Campus is finally ‘settled’ as of June 10th 2010 🙂


Congratulations Bro Akhtar Syaheed & Sis Zainab…!


May ALLAH bless your marriage and may HE pour HIS love over you both, in hope your love will last till the end of time…AMEEN…


For Bro Akhtar Syaheed, you finally have a full-time supporter behind you 🙂 Hope she will be almost all you need in facing trials and tribulations to come.

For Sis Zainab, Kakak… You’ve been fated with a great person whose ‘skill’ is demanded by many…ALLAH knows you’re strong…That’s why HE fated you with with a strong person 🙂

(Yayyy!! Finally! someone I can dedicate this song to…hahaha)

ehem:  Bro Akhtar, do du’a that I’ll be ‘settled’ as fast as you were ‘settled’..hehe 😉

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Reunited at last! :-)

Posted by nuruliman45 on June 7, 2010

“Makcik Na is in KB!”…My mom announced.

“Which makcik Na?” I asked.

“Ala..the one from Tuscon dulu.”

“Yang face licin tu?”  I tried to confirm.


Last night, after about 18 years of departing, we finally met again.

…let’s flashback a little…

This Makcik Na studied in my old hometown in the US.  At the U of A (University of Arizona).  She only spent like 3 years there when I was quite young.  But I clearly remembered her because she was among the Malay students who actually paid much attention to my sister, brother, and me. 🙂

Our mom taught us to call her ‘makcik’ although she was only bout 20 yrs old at the time.  I still keep several pictures with her when I was young.  *sigh* the good ol’ days….

With ALLAH’s will, through facebook I guess, My parents got back in touch with her and her family.  Coincidentally she has some conference here in Kota Bharu.  So my Mak and Ayah set up dinner together at the Horizon Garden Restaurant for both of our families.

We all felt so content to have met again last night after 18 LONG YEARS.  It was quite overwhelming how she kept saying how unbelievable it was to meet my sister and I as grown ups now.  hihi.

…Finally got to hug her again :-)… and her face is still licin 😀

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3 special people…

Posted by nuruliman45 on April 23, 2010


3 special days.  3 special people:

1)  Nurul Ayyuuni

2)  Nur Hazirah

3)  Kakak Hanis Athirah

…I don’t usually wish birthdays of friends here but..

This will be my last year being able to wish you three HAPPY BIRTHDAY as a varsity student.

Ya ALLAH.  Bless these three special companions of mine whether in front of my eyes or far from me.  Allow them to reach their dreams.  Oh ALLAH…I know we won’t be near each other for long.  So ALLAH…do take care of them.. don’t ever leave them alone once we all go our ways and lead our own lives….For I love them ya ALLAH…


A poem for you:

At first sight didn’t I think

that our hearts would ever link

Yet ALLAH the Almighty knows best

to give me you; better than the rest

Companion…you’re who I always think of

who has helped lead me closer to HIS love.



=Oneness for Islam=


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Teacher…couple tu haram ke???

Posted by nuruliman45 on March 31, 2010

… a regular question I get from students..not only the students I teach but other students in the school

…aduh..kecik2 dah pandai…

What would you say to these girls?

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