…strength of mind can be stronger than you think

= About the Writer =


SUBTLE_FORTITUDE: unexpected inner strength to endure pain (physical, emotional, spiritual pain) … Names are du’as, hence this is what I pray to gain, InshaALLAH…

The world’s becoming a tough place to live in, and inner strength is what’s needed to be strong…


I’m a girl whose lived in two different worlds and trying to utilize  my experiences and perspectives being in both lands in a never-ending search for TRUTH.  My main goal in life:  To gain ALLAH’s supreme blessings.


No need for a long biography… 🙂

AGE: 24

LOCATION:  Kelantan, Malaysia

PLACE OF BIRTH: Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

I am a TESLian.

(that does give me some credibility doesn’t it? 🙂 )


I’ve discovered that it’s my deepest passion in endeavoring this field.

EDUCATION is the root in developing our own people (MALAYSIANS – yes, that includes the Malays, Chinese, Indians, and others of this country) as civilized people… Is it not? –> Education comes in different forms – we’re surrounded by it. It all begins on how we educate all layers of society.

Yup! that’s us: you, me, the Government.

I also like to observe people –> personalities, habits, interests, etc….

oh, and one other detail (just incase you didn’t catch it from my entries)…

I’m a Muslim American-born Malaysian! 🙂


33 Responses to “= About the Writer =”

  1. AnakDesa said

    Thumb up for another Malaysian! It is rightfully said that at this time of the century, we should not be racist but should open our mind to be just MALAYSIAN. Just look at USA how advance they are…gone were the days of racist in USA…there are only Americans in USA. Likewise there should only be Malaysian in Malaysia if we want to progress. Otherwise carry on living under the coconut shell lahh….FOREVER!

  2. True, my friend, true…

    Islam doesn’t teach us to be racists. You know what, when I was in the US, although I wore a scarf (hijab) and looked a bit different from my fellow peers, I was still considered a part of them, yes an ‘American’. My friends, teachers never discriminated me for who I am, what I wore, my stands in life. And over there, there was no difference AT ALL between a black and a white, and an Asian (among my circle of friends that is). But here, if a person is a bit dark-skinned, they are sometimes bound to be called names. Which is sad.

    That’s one positive thing we can learn from the Americans. I’m still proud to be a MALAYSIAN!! 😀

    …Education of the young – formal and informal – can help change all this. It can start from the home.


  3. Salam ziarah. Thanks for your visit.. Actually I can’t recognize u as my friend.. Apapun salam ukhwah. Ayuh mengisi kemenangan, mengatur langkah, menyusun jejak, mengerak massa… 🙂

  4. Kalau boleh, mungkin boleh diperkenalkan diri subtlefortitude thru my blog ok. Thanks..

  5. nadiahnaim said

    masya Allah, teruskan usaha menulis..input yang baik..

  6. zainulfaqar said

    Salam ziarah. Hope God blessing u forever. Amien

  7. uneekmuslimah said

    Assalamualikum Sister,

    Jazak Allah Khairan for visiting my blog …… Masha Allah your blogs nice too …. You are most welcome to come and read whenever I update my blog Insha Allah …. and Insha Allah I’ll add your blog to my blog roll ….. could you pls add mine to yours too … jazak Allah Khairan …. Blessed and fruitful Ramadan to you too …..

  8. Slm, welcome to my new ‘home’.. 🙂



    Yes…will visit your new home! thanx for the update…

  11. Ayyash said

    sape ye? mcm kenal je…

  12. salam ziarah ukht..:)
    btw, i’m about to tag you..beware!!..~_~

  13. salam ziarah…salam perjuangan dari Selangor…singgah ke Perlis 😛
    keep it up, sis ^_^ mohon tunjuk ajar ye…

  14. sape ye ni? salam ukhwah…leh ukhti kenalkan diri..add je ym saya: afeera_szaza

  15. To aktivis_muda: Salam perjuangan juga ;-)… thanks for visiting. do come again!

    To Ummu Afeera: I have introduced myself through your YM. thanks for offering your YM ID.

  16. shak Best said

    kak salam perkenalan..
    sy amat berminat dgn penulisan2 akak kt sni
    agak menarik..
    jika ada ape2 yg menarik harap sudi dikongsi.
    harap akak sudi add me as one ur frnds.

  17. To Shak Best:

    Nice to ‘meet’ you too…

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    Nothing much here, but glad you found the entries interesting. See you at YM, inshaALLAH!

  18. Ninja said

    Hai Kak Iman…

  19. ayuni humaira' said

    assalamualaikum…iman ?
    alhamdulillah…miss u so much…

  20. shazrina said

    slm iman…wah da ade blog ek…
    bgus la nnti shaz leh tmpang baca…
    nk tmbh ilmu…

    • To Shazrina:


      nk tumpang baca…silakan! tumpang je. huhu:-)

      ..cuba shaz baca blogs of the SAGACIOUS BROTHERS n SAVVY SISTERZ on the side of following this blog 🙂 penulis2 hebat2 belaka 🙂

  21. syarifah said

    thanks for your visiting…
    insyaAllah,moga kita sama2 istiqomah dlm update blog…

  22. Kak Win said


    keserentakan terjumpa penulisan yg hebat ini… semasa sy sedang google ‘Malaysian Classroom’ yg membawa kepada Has the KBSM Curriculum Gone Wrong? Menarik… sangat menarik…

    Lantas ingin mengetahui si penulisnya…heh..

    Ziarah ya ke blog sy… walau lama tak menulis sejak Raya… insyaAllah nnt akan menulis semula…sibuk dgn master sy ketika ini…jadi berehat menulis blog..

    Blog sy: dan blog anak2 sy : (yg juga atas sebab tertentu tidak aktif ketika ini ttp insyaAllah akan diteruskan semula nnt.. )

    Sejak pasif di blog, namun sy masukkan semua perkembangan di facebook sy… sudi2 add ya nnt :

    semoga ketemu lagi

    Kak Win,
    Psychology of Education
    Institute of Education, Uni of London

    • Waalaikumussalam w.lah Kak Win…

      Thanks for visiting over. Quite overwhelmed and flattered with your comment. Never thought anyone would think much of that entry I posted.

      I have viewed your blog several times already, what I could say is I can’t compete with a PhD holder, can I… 🙂

      Hope to keep in touch with you Kak Win!

  23. Lalala ~

  24. unlizzted said

    Asalam alaikum:Very nice,calm place..keep up the good work

  25. wu yi tea said

    An interesting dialogue is value comment. I feel that you should write more on this matter, it might not be a taboo topic but generally persons are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

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  29. zul said

    .wonderful post….great job..!!

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