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The End…or New Beginning for Egypt?

Posted by nuruliman45 on February 2, 2011

Since the so called chaos sparked in Egypt, there’s only one main thing in mind: Abdul Rahman (a.k.a. Dromey), my younger brother; 3rd sibling in the family.

He contacted my parents on the first day of the riot.  After that, we weren’t able to get hold of him for several days.  Couldn’et get through to him by calling, messages sent unreplied, and the usual online appearances came to a halt.  Only till yesterday did my family’s call reach him.  Phew! What a relief…I thought we’d never get to know his whereabouts…

So, in the meantime of waiting news from him …the only way of knowing what’s going on in his area was through the media depicting what’s going on in Egypt, instead of getting firsthand input from Dromey.


If you take a look at the mass media like this video:

…or this one:

…or maybe this one:

..You’d probably get the impression that these protestors are crazy and irrational.

Think again.

One would only reach to that extent for a reasonable pushing reason, because it’s not only one person going at it….it’s THOUSANDS of people.  Citizens would only go to such heights if they are excessively, totally, immensely discouraged and frustrated with the country’s political system and its politicians.

…and it’s obvious the citizens have had enough already.  Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year dictatorship has been a great torture for Egyptian citizens.  Under military rule for so long (Mubarak was an air force officer before he became a politician), Egyptian citizens experienced utmost oppression from the Capitalist government.  The ruling system had been going on for decades…even during Mubarak’s predecessor, Anwar Sadat’s reign.

If that’s not enough, the whole world knows that it’s because of Mubarak that aid to Gaza through the Rafah border crossing won’t get through.  Thus, deceitfully helping crash hopes of the Palestinians for yielding help from those wanting to aid through land routes.

Citizens will not tolerate anymore!

Muslims and non-muslims alike are now battling to overthrow the oppressing Capitalist government.  Anyone who has any ties with the American or Israeli government is a BIG NO NO for the Egyptians.  It is apparent that the road to arise the truth will not be a pretty and easy one.  Whatever happens to Egypt will again affect all nations, as it did for Tunisia and Gaza.  May the whole world see the oppression that’s being overthrown, and one day be united in going against what’s wrong.

Egypt, we’re all praying for the best for your people.  Help open the eyes of the World to lead truth to us all…


Dromey…come back home soon.  Hope Malaysia takes action as soon as possible in fetching you there.  May ALLAH get you home safely and determine the best for you back here in Malaysia… Ameen ya RABB…


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