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Posted by nuruliman45 on December 28, 2010

Little kids are so creative and confident in their own way.

I learned a new word about 3 weeks ago.

“Gombek!!” Yelled Hanis, my 4-year old little sister.

I asked my other younger sister, Dayah (22 yrs old) what ‘Gombek’ means.  She’s always at home, so she could probably clear me on the newest progress of those two little squirts, Atiqah (6 yrs old) and Hanis.  I also thought that perhaps I might have missed a Kelantanese word people used that I didn’t.

Well…To my surprise, according to Dayah, GOMBEK is a word Hanis created that she didn’t realize she created.  And to the looks of it, it is not a very nice word either.  hehehehe.

Short clip of the girls’ conversation I heard one day:

Atiqah:  Hanis GOMBEK!

Hanis (with confidence): Eh! Tak baiklah kecek (cakap) GOMBEK!  Apo ni, kecek GOMBEK nih!

Atiqah: Gapo dio gak GOMBEK tuh, Hanis kae hok kecek GOMBEK dulu…

Hanis(with an innocent face): Tok tahulaaaa….


…I was just hoping to get an answer to the big secret word.

GOMBEK still has no meaning….aduh..Hanis, Hanis…


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