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SEX EDUCATION: Is Malaysia Ready for it?

Posted by nuruliman45 on August 16, 2010

Among pioneer programmes of Sex Ed launched
[March 20, 2010, at a Community Rehabilitation centre in Selayang (PDK Selayang]

SEX ED:  This long overdue issue has reached its peak this year.

With all these baby dumping and pre marital sex cases occurring all over Malaysia, the Government has taken the initiative to actually start on providing awareness to the youth about sex.   OK, remember, we’re talking about education here.

Many say “yes” too fast in the implementation of Sex Education.  But have people actually looked into the real factors of why such mishaps are happening nowadays?

“The young is jahil about what will happen if they have sex, that’s why they do it.”

please! that’s a big lie..just bogus.  Whoever doesn’t know that pregnancy is a result of it is really lame.

Okay, back to what I was saying… now, the government has started its pilot study – testing out the new module the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) have come up with.

The module’s called:  I’m in Control

It has started its test round in 5 schools, covering about 308 Form Four students in five urban and rural schools situated in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Pahang and Kelantan.

Look back at the module!!

Before we – parents, teachers, educators, sisters, brothers – agree on implementing this sex ed led by the government, let’s all look into it first.  Examine whether the contents in the module is enough to give fill awareness to the youth.  Or, would it give a negative effect.

Sex Ed is a good idea, but depends on its delivery.

We have to make sure the delivery of it involves spiritual development of the young, only then would it not be a waste for our young.  Without that awareness would they only experiment what they’ve learned in sex ed.

Now, why don’t you guys look at the pic i got above (more pics:) …what get’s me heaped up and feel unsatisfied with the module is that it’s conducted in a coed enironment – both girls and boys discussing together about all this.

HELLO!  What idiot proposed this!  kata nak efektif, tapi nak bagi kesedaran, nak suruh tanya soalan..mana nak jadi, buat cmtu!!

… Malay came out…

again people, look back at what sex ed module is to be proposed, only then agree.  UNDERSTAND?


One Response to “SEX EDUCATION: Is Malaysia Ready for it?”

  1. Nazialita Maharan said

    Hi there. I’m Nazialita, a student from Universiti Utara Malaysia. I’m doing a research about people’s mindset and thoughts of the Sex Ed, and I hope you’re okay with it. I would like your help, do you do any researsc of this module? I mean Sex Ed because I’m gonna finish a research about the implementation of these Sex Ed in Malaysia. Based on your understanding,how do you define the success of the implementation to our young generation?

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