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Ramadhan: Am I fit for this month???

Posted by nuruliman45 on August 14, 2010

The great month has return.  alhamduliLLAH, subhanALLAH,… thank you ALLAH for meeting me up again with YOUR wonderful month…

Although now busy as a last semester student (yeah, last semester dude! 😉 ), but I hope to get higher grades in this year’s University of Ramadhan.  Like any one else, I have my new resolutions wanting to fulfill in this year’s Ramadhan.

A year can sure mature you.  In fact, SO many things have happened in the past year.  One of the most obvious was my enlightening experience being a trainee teacher.  Yup, this opened my eyes that I’m no little adolescent anymore.  I’m an adult (haha, can’t believe I’m saying this)…  yeah, REALLY felt the responsibility feeling heap up during my training.

Other things occurred which is about to change my life (only certain people know what that is, hehe)…Yup, all the better.

With all this happening, I hope it all to shed me a total and wholesome feeling of dependence to ALLAH.  I feel that the further I go in my life, the more decisions I have to make.  BIG decisions – what am I to do once I’ve finished my final exam of my final semester, where I should apply for work., what’s going to happen next year as a fresh graduate.

Thus, should make me more submit to The Creator.

May ALLAH help me make this month a better month…the best among the rest.  Help me in my ibadah.  Help me in my mujahadah…

“Ya ALLAH, help me be closer to YOU, help me in my jihad to increase my good deeds, especially in this month which YOU made rich with YOUR barakah and maghfirah.  What a shame it would be if I turned this year’s Ramadhan worst than last year’s.  Ya ALLAH, don’t let that happen…don’t let that happen, O ALLAH.  Verily, I would be in lost.  Do help me be a better servant of YOURs…AMEEN ya RABB… “

Listen to this nasheed about Ramadhan…real cool..


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