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Reunited at last! :-)

Posted by nuruliman45 on June 7, 2010

“Makcik Na is in KB!”…My mom announced.

“Which makcik Na?” I asked.

“Ala..the one from Tuscon dulu.”

“Yang face licin tu?”  I tried to confirm.


Last night, after about 18 years of departing, we finally met again.

…let’s flashback a little…

This Makcik Na studied in my old hometown in the US.  At the U of A (University of Arizona).  She only spent like 3 years there when I was quite young.  But I clearly remembered her because she was among the Malay students who actually paid much attention to my sister, brother, and me. 🙂

Our mom taught us to call her ‘makcik’ although she was only bout 20 yrs old at the time.  I still keep several pictures with her when I was young.  *sigh* the good ol’ days….

With ALLAH’s will, through facebook I guess, My parents got back in touch with her and her family.  Coincidentally she has some conference here in Kota Bharu.  So my Mak and Ayah set up dinner together at the Horizon Garden Restaurant for both of our families.

We all felt so content to have met again last night after 18 LONG YEARS.  It was quite overwhelming how she kept saying how unbelievable it was to meet my sister and I as grown ups now.  hihi.

…Finally got to hug her again :-)… and her face is still licin 😀


2 Responses to “Reunited at last! :-)”

  1. Mahabbah Lillah, insya Allah 😉

  2. shu said


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