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Recalling first challenges as a trainee teacher

Posted by nuruliman45 on April 24, 2010

The good girls of 4 Bestari..miss them!


my 4 Bestari...:-)

“Brace yourself; 4Bestari can sure be a handful.  That class is full of the top scorers in putting up acts with the discipline teachers.”   


I still remember these words coming from Puan Zaleha, one of the discipline teachers at the school.  This unforgettable quote was made a few hours before I first showed up into the 4Bestari class.  Since first impression meant a lot to me, I had spent a week and a half devising in my head how I was to bring myself into class; the ground rules I was to set for my class, the approach I was to use, and implementations I would use in my class.  This included me scouting around the students’ culture in order to more carefully plan my implementations. This was one of the challenges in the first two weeks of practicum:  preparing for my teaching implementations.  

The second challenge I faced was to create a bond with the teachers and students at the school.  In order to easily get access to the hows, whys, do’s and don’ts of the school, which is getting to know the culture of the school, I had to get used to the teachers.  It became a challenge to take off the ‘shy mask’ and put up an approachable exterior which puts an impression on the other teachers that I am seemingly comfortable with everyone.  But I had to do so.  It was the only way I was able to carry myself among the other teachers.  

Aside creating a bond with the teachers, I had to create a bond with my 4 Bestari and 2 Sigma classes.  This is important, for it’s the relationship with the students that encourages the positive learning interactions in the classroom.  The first two weeks were the critical ground for me to get to know my students.  For the first few classes, I put some extra effort in remembering the students’ names.  To me, remembering the students’ names is significant in order to give the adequate attention a student needs from a teacher.  Indeed, this helped me quickly become close to my students.


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