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BI Teachers can’t be Ustazahs??

Posted by nuruliman45 on March 26, 2010

My classmates are starting our countdown.

yup…2 more weeks till we end our practical training at our respective schools.  Meaning 2 more weeks left for me at SMK Telok Mas.

Most of my friends are looking forward to finishing up teaching at our schools…

Me?… I’m starting to feel that awful sentimental going away feeling already.  I have this terrible, horrible, horrendous phobia of breaking away from people I’ve learned to get close to.  It’s been bugging me this week.  Yup, the thought of leaving my 2 classes scares me.  Afraid to face coping of missing them.  uwa.

Now, it’s just days till I leave my 2 Sigma and 4 Bestari.

The closer I get to the end of the training, the more I feel I haven’t performed my responsibility of educating my students spiritually.

“Teacher ni, macam ustazah pulak ceramah saya ni!”

That’s what my 4Bestari student blurted at me when I reminded him to perform his Zohor prayer that afternoon.  I found out that he (and a large number of his other classmates) didn’t fulfill their full 5 prayers.

When asked about his Zohor prayer the day before and before that,

“Selalunya saya tak sempat lah teacher.  Habis sekolah pukul 2.40.  Pastu saya kena buat mural tu.  Balik, dah pukul berapa…”

“Hah, kau nak jawab camtu ke esok2 bila mana ditanya kenapa kau tak solat?  Kau dah berhutang dah dgn ALLAH tu.”

(to remind you all, it is normal in Melaka to call students ‘kau’.  In other states, it might be considered rude and inappropriate.)

If it wasn’t for my patience, I would have chopped that student of mine to tiny tiny pieces!  Argh.  However, reminding myself that not everyone’s understanding of Islam is at the same level, I kept rambling on and on… trying my best to convince him that performing the Zohor prayer is not as burdening as he thinks.


4 Responses to “BI Teachers can’t be Ustazahs??”

  1. Assalamualaikum, of course! english teacher can be ustazah as long as he@she is a muslim/ah 🙂 (Sorry, english broken )

  2. Jon said

    Kerja dakwah kewajipan semua…

  3. sweet lady said

    apa yang membezakan kita adalah taqwa. tidak keterlaluan rasanya untuk saya katakan status ustazah belum dapat menjamin kita diberi hidayah dan masuk syurga.

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