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Fortitude behind the eyes of a young girl…

Posted by nuruliman45 on March 7, 2010

On Fridays (well, at least the Fridays when it’s an actual school day), I have an out-of-TESL task.  One of the ustazahs at the school requested that I replace her in delivering the weekly tazkirah slot on Fridays for the hostel girls while the hostel boys go for their mandatory Friday prayer.  Assuming this as an opportunity to get new experience, I accepted the offer.

Being a mere TESL student, I see myself as a person who’s not expert enough for the task.  Yet, remembering that anyone can be a da’ie, remembering that it being my responsibility to spread Islam in my own way, I felt that, with ALLAH’s help, I could perhaps try to contribute to an Islamic swing to these young girls.

Remember this hadith…? (below)

“Do oppose evil with your hands (or power). If you are powerless to oppose it with your hands, then it with your mouth.  And if we still cannot do so, then do oppose evil by despising it in your hearts. But,  those who only dare oppose evil quietly and secretly in their hearts are Muslims who are the weakest of faith (iman).”

..This means that EVERY MUSLIM has to fulfill amar makruf nahi mungkar (English: Enjoing right and forbidding wrong), no matter at what level their ability is.

So, well…I swung!  I talked about whatever I felt these young vulnerable girls needed to know to go through their ever-so-full-of-changes teenage hood.

The poor girls…they had to bear with my ‘rojak’ language.  It’s just hard to convert to bahasa malayu being in front of a number of students when you’re already used to using English in your classroom setting.  So whenever I try to speak full swing in Malay, unconsciously…jeng jeng jeng, English somehow seeps through my lips! hahaha….

whatever it is…the important thing is that the girls understand what is to be delivered, no matter what the language it is delivered in. 🙂

It’s a great wonder how much these young girls ponder in their little young minds.  🙂

AlhamduliLLAH, after each of my sessions, there would be at least 3 groups of girls who come up to me and ask about their big confusions they have in their everyday lives.  Why?  Because they are afraid that what they do isn’t acceptable in Islam.  SubhanALLAH.  How great ALLAH is in granting HIS hidayah (guidance) to these young people.


Last Friday (2 days ago), there was this one girl… I was really touched by her life story (luahan hati).

This form 1 girl asked me what she should do in her family, being in her place,  where her father doesn’t fulfill his obligatory 5 prayers a day.  Even his Friday prayers he sometimes ‘skips’.  And her mom not covering her aurat as what Islam has taught in taking care of one’s modesty.  She explained how her mom just started to wear the tudung (head scarf) two months ago.  She herself just started practicing to wear it consistently after attaining the awareness of having to wear it.  She said that her school environment encouraged her to do so.  AlhamduliLLAH. 🙂

This girl’s the eldest in the family.  I asked if she had any siblings that could probably support her in together guiding her parents.  She said the only other sibling she has is her younger 6-year-old brother.  Hence, this means she’s rather alone in fulfilling her responsibility in guiding her parents.

I thought to myself, How strong this girl is. I’m grateful that I have been raised where its my parents who guided me through adhering to Islam’s teachings, and not the other way around.  In the girl’s case, she has to make her parents understand Islam’s teachings – consistently remind her father to pray without letting him feel offended, help make her mom cover her aurat consistently without at the small least hurting her feelings, making sure her little brother is educated to adhere to Islam’s teaching without being influenced by their parents’ lack of practice of Islamic values in the family, and many other resposibilities.

I couldn’t imagine if I would be strong enough to do that if I was in her shoes.

SubhanALLAH.  May ALLAH ease her in helping her parents.


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