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Teacher, teacher!!!

Posted by nuruliman45 on January 8, 2010

(so much happened in the past weeks…but I’ll start with this event)

I was sitting on the stage.

Difficult to believe, yet true.  I was actually sitting among the teachers of SMK Telok Mas…as a teacher…nope.  not as a student, but a teacher.

It was the first assembly of the year – on the first day of school, 4th January 2010.

As a mere practicum teacher, I expected that I would be put in some hidden corner of the school.  Nevertheless, I certainly was a pessimist to think that way of the school’s board.  It so happened that the GPK1 showed my partner and I to the stage with all the other teachers the morning we reported ourselves to school.  Quite flattered.

As the Pengetua was giving her opening speech of the school year, there I sat – with my light brown based red flowered baju kurung, crossing my legs like all the other teachers do with my black oh-so-formal court shoes – trying to click in my head that I was actually a teacher starting that day all the way till 9 April 2010!  I skimmed my eyes from the far right of the large group of students all the way to the far left, then back to the right.   I did that again and again.  It felt like just yesterday when I was part of the group sitting on the cement floor of the school observing all the teachers on the stage.  And then that day, I was among those on the stage.

My past week was filled with basically getting to know SMK Telok Mas – discovering the culture of the school, it’s system, fellow colleagues.  Did i mention that I was trying to get myself used to being called TEACHER IMAN? 🙂 breathe, Iman! Another thing I did was occupy relief classes – covering up for teachers that aren’t able to attend their classes…

This was where the fun started.  I was given a different range of classes.  There were noisy ones.  There were good and smart classes.  There was 5 Alpha I replaced for.  Goodness me!  They were excellent!  I was able to speak English they way I talk with my fellow TESL classmates.  They understood!  Hooray!… I babbled on grammar tenses with them.  It seemed they could cope. haha

Then there was the 46-student-packed 2 Arif where I had to scream at the top of my lungs to get their attention.  And when I talked about nouns, I remember there was one little boy who asked me  (after I had explained A-Z about nouns and almost near the end of the period), “Teacher, ‘thing’ tu apa?”  SubhanALLAH, pity this boy!  I sighed to myself.  Have to counter this boy somehow someway in the future.

All in all, for whichever class I spent time with…after each class ended, I’d feel great being with the students.

I hope that I would be able to be an individual that could at least contribute a little spark to the students in being interested to learn English.  May ALLAH help do so….

I’ll express as much as I can here during my 3-month practicum.  That’s all for now.  Toodles!


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