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Off to Malacca!

Posted by nuruliman45 on December 11, 2009

Time sure flies.

I’ll be departing off back to Malacca at 9.00 am… a few hours from now.

Bye-bye Mak and Ayah… little spoiled-brat younger siblings…uwa. 😦


Work awaits for me back in Malacca.  Yup, next semester is going to be a REALLY busy one and a semester which will have A LOT of first-experience things to get through.  I just keep in my head that there’s always a first for everything.

Why do I say that?

…Because I’m going to be a teacher!  AAARGH…ala, just a practicum teacher.  But still, it gets my anxiety REALLY up to the top when thinking about it.  EXCITING yet DREADING.  Sekolah Menengah students kowt!  I’ll have to prepare a lesson plan EVERY SINGLE day.  Then there’s the daily journal I’ll have to keep (yup, those mean marks!…assessed).  My responsibility to the community is also not ignored.


Life is not life without challenges.  Strength is not attained without difficulty.  Experience is not gained without experiencing.  Fortitude is not achieved without subtle dependence to ALLAH (yeah! subtle fortitude!!!).

ALLAH got me to it, and HE’ll get me through it.

(ask for all of your du’as ok! 🙂 )

~ Bye-bye Kota Bharu… see ya! 😉


3 Responses to “Off to Malacca!”

  1. Saifullah said


  2. Zinnirah Al Jannah said

    All the best, teacher wannabe! Semoga Allah permudahkan~ 😉

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