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Hire or Fire!

Posted by nuruliman45 on December 10, 2009

I was chatting with a friend of mine this morning.  Yeah, updating on regular campus news, despite on holiday.

He mentioned an issue he read up on about the Education Ministry proposing to give full authority upon school headmasters to sack their school’s teachers.  Being an education student, and a future English educator, (inshaALLAH) I couldn’t help but check it out.

Yup, the ministry’s actually considering school headmasters in deciding whether or not to fire teachers!

Reason?… To maintain the excellence of schools… ermmm…read below:

From the Star Online:

Deputy Education Minister Dr Puad Zarkashi, in clarifying reports that this would be enforced in all 10,000 schools in the country, said the proposal was to allow the heads in such schools to maintain excellence.

Considering this as something positive – as what Dr. Puad claimed – where this could be a solution in improving the quality of school teaching and enhancing school excellence, it seemed like a good idea.  When it comes to teachers who become teachers and become ‘guru cemerlang’ because they know how to bodek themselves up into their career, this may be a solution.

Indeed, only the headmasters may truly know how their fellow teachers below them work.  And if there are teachers who stay in the schools just for the sake of the monthly salary they obtain, well, surely headmasters could get rid of them without much bureaucracy with the JPN or Ministry itself.  In the end, the school would be able to improve the productivity of the school with all the useless (is that too harsh?) teachers out.

Autonomy sounds like a fine thing for a school to reach ‘kecemerlangan’.


I thought it through again.

How many headmasters in these 10,000 schools actually know their staff well enough to make these kind of decisions – to simply ‘fire’ a school teacher.  And, how reliable are these headmasters to make sure that they do not fire teachers based on bias judgment, or based on self-interests?  You see, when you are working in the same little institution, one same organization, you’re bound to experience internal organizational ‘challenges’ with the whole school team.  No one can run away from it.  Thus,  it’s sometimes these problems that may influence you to make the wrong decisions.

…or should we just all look back at 2010’s Budget and make our own little conclusions on the reason behind this proposal.  wALLAHu’alam.

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3 Responses to “Hire or Fire!”

  1. Abang said

    Alhamdulillah. Dah update pun blog. Peningkatan yang bagus sekali…. Memang proaktif..

  2. badrul said

    hmm..Im worried that top, excellent schools like SBP, MRSM will become more excellent, n the not-so-good schools will turn even worse..coz when u sack the not-so-good teacher, obviously u’l need to replace him/her with someone else (supposedly a better one lah) n the one whos being sacked will be downgraded to somewhere its like teachers will be moving in a sort of ascending-descending pattern (good teachers up, bad teachers down) the end, bad teachers will just accumulate in bad schools, good teachers in good schools..if u get wut i mean..

    wouldnt this just widen the gap between the top schools and the not-so-top one? (which eventually will affect the students)..

    to me, guru cemerlang shud teach d not so cemerlang students..then u can tell whether they deserve the title ‘cemerlang’ or not (mungkin dah off topic..hehe..sori Iman ^^)

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