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Compare this!

Posted by nuruliman45 on December 5, 2009

On Tuesday, I was leisurely surfing the internet in my dad’s home office when I heard some commotion coming from the TV set in the living room.  I didn’t hesitate to see what was going on.  My Mum and Dad were watching the bulletin news.

It so happens that they were watching footage of a gathering that occurred about a mile away from our home.  At Kota Darul Naim.  Near the Menteri Besar’s office.  Could hardly believe it.


Gathering in front of Kota Darul Naim, Kota Bharu, Kelantan demanding Tuan Guru Nik Aziz to resign as Menteri Besar, 1st Dec.

Gathering in front of Kota Darul Naim, Kota Bharu, Kelantan demanding Tuan Guru Nik Aziz to resign as Menteri Besar, 1st Dec.

(The main papers reported 1000 people involved.

errr…doesn’t look anything close to 1000…)


Gathering showing undivided support for Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, 4th Dec.

hrm, I accidentally joined this crowd going to town yesterday…

…couldn’t help myself 🙂

Gathering showing undivided support for Tuan Guru Nik Aziz.

Look at the women…

Gathering in front of Kota Darul Naim, Kota Bharu, Kelantan demanding Tuan Guru Nik Aziz to resign as Menteri Besar, 1st Dec.

can’t beat this (and there’s more at the back)…

Gathering showing undivided support for Tuan Guru Nik Aziz. Women, ladies, girls spirited with "I LOVE TOK GURU" displayed on their hijabs. And this was only when the crowd was still calm, before they ALL stood up.

ALLAH stays with he who is true and just…fullstop. period.noktah.


8 Responses to “Compare this!”

  1. zaza zakaria said

    laaaaa, Iman g jugok ko maring? HEHEHE
    I never saw this!
    nak pengsan sbb org rmai sgt. Tak tahu dr mana dorg dtg…

  2. ibnuabas said

    Wah nice… 🙂

  3. badrul said

    ‘Will it change anything?’

    I may sound ignorant(or stupid), but honestly I dont see the point of doing gathering or demostration (wuteva u call it). There r loads of national issues tat we Malaysians need to focus on.

    Im x taking any party’s side, but seriously if you’re x satisfied with tok guru’s government, wait till d next general election and challenge him urself (if u dare lah)! Quacking and barking like a fool just lead u to nowhere.

    As far as the constitution concerned, u cant dethrone a legal government by just a mere gathering/demonstration. (correct me if im wrong)

    Salam 🙂

    • To Badrul:
      I respect your thoughts about it. There are others that would say that too.

      ‘Why go barking and quacking around when it won’t make a difference??’

      I see it differently…

      Let’s take the many Gaza demos held earlier this year as an example.

      Some say that it’s like this… ya know how we bebel in the car when a driver in front of us doesn’t signal before they make a turn… and that only the people in your car hears u and not that person that we actually want it to be heard hears it?…they say it’s like that. That it brings you nowhere.

      …well, what I have to say is that at least the people in the car knew what went wrong and the mistake didn’t pass by just like that.

      If you look at it differently. Even though Gaza or those evil zionists can’t hear the demos, the demos help others be aware of the importance of actually being alert of the sufferings our brothers n sisters face in Gaza. And that’s something right.

      simply said: Stand for what you think is right! (but be smart about how you do so 🙂 )

      • badrul said

        I understand and respect yours too.

        It’s just that I look for something more practical with much more long-term benefits. In the case of Gaza, yeah ppl are now more aware about it, but does tat really change anythg back there? Believe it or not, our fellow brothers n sisters there are still suffering. It’s good to be alert n aware of wut’s happening, but knowing about it n x doing anything (smart) is just the same as doing nothing.

        I’m not saying tat I’m right or you’re wrong. Yeah, true you should stand for what u think is right. Just sitting and doing nothing wont solve a problem either. So fine, do smtg, but make sure it’s smart, legal, practical, effective i.e achieves wut its supposed to achieve etc etc.

        Nway I like your bebel-in-the-car analogy 😛

        p/s:This comment section is too small lah. The more u post, the more it shrinks. Huhu.

      • To Badrul:

        Ditto! I agree with all…and legal would be legal in Islam lah (waiting for something to be legal by the federal government is like a not-much-you-can-do alternatve. oops).

        Oh that anology, thanks, but I actually ‘borrowed’ it. It isn’t mine. The only part I contributed was the respond to the analogy. I recalled it from a blog entry I read when the Gaza demos were hot on blogs.

        P/S: yeah, i know… but hey! makes the section look longer! haha. How does my comment box here look? 😀

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