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Dedicated to G1…

Posted by nuruliman45 on November 24, 2009


You lifted me from my fears,

Said go! when I said no!

Lent a shoulder through my tears,

You wouldn’t let my spirit go low,

I miss those days oh so.


My mentors, my companions, my guide,

Words not fit enough for all of you

For my troubles no use to hide,

Visible to you without giving any clue.

I miss you all by my side.


2 years together a memory…

Of tears and laughter,

Our dictionary, we knew no ‘weary’

In building our fine ‘tower’.


Obstacles didn’t stop us,

For fiLLAH was all we carried.

Grasping that our ‘tower’ is a must,

The maintenance of it we worried,

For amar makruf nahi mungkar is only just,

In our arena would we have rallied.


For two years had we built the base,

In hope the forthcomings provide the excess.


Mentors, companions, guides…

My heart releases you to progress to the next phase,

With du’as that you all will achieve success.

In this arena, I stay as G1, to carry on to the next pace,

Without you all, I feel brittle, I confess.



Bringing the spirit you all taught me,

That fiLLAH is all I need,

To bring Islam in this arena I be,

My fret will gradually fade indeed.


I know things will never be the same,

Yet your support is not afar.

Remembering ALLAH is by side, I claim,

Wherever I am, wherever you all are.


Mentors, companions, guides…

What I request is nothing much,

But your du’as as persistent support.

Whatever happens, hope we’ll stay in touch,

My memory of you all will never cut short.


…G1 in memory…



9 Responses to “Dedicated to G1…”

  1. Saifullah said

    Ah, akhirnya…..

  2. Saifullah said

    Sahabat silih ganti, perjuangan mesti diteruskan. Manfaatkan semuanya. Nak duit minta kat Faez. Haha

  3. KH said

    tahniah dan takziah…

    perjuangan tetap diteruskan..

    lead the future..war will begin..iman as the guide..

    n always remember most that………..



  4. Saifullah said

    KH kena selalu turun sana la. Jumpa adik2….

  5. Saifullah said


  6. Saifullah said

    Dah ada orang punya.haha

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