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Dr. Marwa El Sherbiny in our Hearts…

Posted by nuruliman45 on September 9, 2009

“Terrorist!  Terrorist!”

you called her a terrorist just because of her modesty in wearing the hijab?

Stabbed 18 times in court!!!!!

…you stabbed her just because she wanted to defend her hijab in court?

3 months pregnant with one little child watching

what happened to your humanist values???  What if someone stabbed your wife, for heaven’s sake??!!!


This occurred about a month and a half ago… But I figured I wouldn’t be able to stay calm till I get this up on this page.

To give a gist of the climax of this occurrence, an Anti-Islam individual (Alex) had harrassed and insulted Dr. Marwa El Sherbiny, an Egyptian women in German, in public.  She sued Alex for the uncalled-for insult.  Yes!  That was not only an insult for Marwa, but an insult for ISLAM.  Who would stay still??? Alex appealed in court.  During the process of trial in court, Alex ran and stabbed Marwa 18 TIMES to death… reminder: IN COURT.   A policeman then shot Marwa’s husband, who went to defend her, with the excuse saying that he was aiming for Alex but missed his shot.

My goodness, has this world like flopped over all of a sudden??

How on earth was Alex allowed to bring in a knife into court?  Then there’s the stabbing.  It was mentioned, 18 TIMES.  couldn’t anyone have stopped Alex at the 2nd or 3rd stab at least?  Did the judge like just sit there and watch or what?

This event, ladies and gentlemen, is pure proof of PREJUDICE OPPRESSION OF ISLAM!!

Moral of the story:

–  Don’t visit Germany.  Their courts aren’t secured.

– German policemen suck at shooting.  They might, on another day, aim for someone else, but unintentionally shoot another Muslim.


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