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Can’t Speak!

Posted by nuruliman45 on September 4, 2009

Yesterday, my classmates and I were discussing about modules to conduct for a development program we’ll be organizing for our superdy duper juniors.  It’s a pity because they’re not exposed to much yet by the university (PreTESL students, can’t offer much I guess…konon2nya kena sampai taraf diploma baru layak).

So we planned to screen a short video that would get these guys’ minds rolling, then carry out a discussion.

One of the suggestions was to screen a video from 15 Malaysia.  Have you people heard of the 15 Malaysi seriesa?  Probably have.  I’m just a little jakun and just heard about it! haha 🙂 Anywho…it’s been out in the newspapers and all, and the quality of the short videos are seriously alright (like those petronas short vids, yeah something like that).

Why these vids don’t reach the NATIONAL TV channels is a ‘wonder’.  Well, after you watch the one below you’ll probably understand.

The video below is titled ‘One Future’.  There is a deep meaning on how it portrays Malaysia today.  Watch it!…


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