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ESL… or is it EFL???

Posted by nuruliman45 on July 18, 2009

The mood of  WELCOME BACK TO CAMPUS is still fresh among all university/college students all over Malaysia…

One of the courses I’m taking this semester is SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION.  I feel real pumped..!  One reason being it is related to linguistics, the other is because one of my all-time favourite lecturers is the instructor for the course! 🙂  She gets my classmates and my mind rolling in class..she knows how to trigger our curiousity, and is humourous in her downright sarcastic way.  I certainly look forward to her lecture classes every week..! 🙂

Yesterday, we went over tons and tons (not literally, seemed like a lot though. hoho) of SLA (Second Language Acquisition) theories.  They ranged from Naom Chomsky’s Universal Hypothesis to Stephen Krashen’s Monitor Model.

Among the discussions we had in class was about the status of English in Malaysia whether as a SL (Second Language) or a FL (Foreign Language).  For as long as I could remember, during school of course, English is referred to as a second language in Malaysian schools.

Why? …because for decades English was actually the second language widely exposed to students in and outside of school.

Now can we say that looking at Malaysian students today?…


Are we dealing with SLA (Second Language Acquisition) or FLA (Foreign Language Acquisition) in teaching English in Malaysian schools? In certain areas of Malaysia, especially in deep rural areas, students come face to face with English ONLY once they enter schools.  So would we still call English these students’ second language in their mentioned situation??

again..SLA or FLA?

one more thing to ponder… Can ‘learning’ become ‘acquisition’ in attaining language?

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Ehem:  Yup, this is what you could call over excitement of starting a new sem to the extent that you write about your own course in your blog entries 😀 haha


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