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Posted by nuruliman45 on June 11, 2009


…That’s what you would hear an eight-year-old exclaim upon receiving his first bike.


Firsts are cool in many many ways.  Getting your first bike like the kid above, for instance.  The excitement in an amusing first that we’ve long anticipated, longed for.  Getting a first bike is what any kid would happily wait for.  Let’s sit for a second and recall all our ‘cool’ firsts…


– moving to a new first BIG house

– getting a first baby sister

– finish a first degree

..But there is also a ‘less cool’ side to firsts: they carry responsibility. Putting the kid and his bike for example:  responsibility comes with possessing a desired first bike.  Well sure, maintaining the bike, locking it up making sure it doesn’t get stolen in the middle of the night, and other things the kid has to do to ensure the ‘well-being’ of the bike.

BALANCE for this blog.  My FIRST blog.  Yeah, of course I was excited and long wanted to start one up.  Duh, how could I not be.  Just about everyone had had their own.  It was like a mushrooming trend last year.  Every campus student at every block pretty much caught the crave to start composing a page of themselves.

As we all know, everything in life is balanced.  So there must be ‘drag’ somewhere in starting up a long-excitingly-awaited blog, right?  Yes, ladies and gentlemen!…it’s the commitment needed to maintain the blog!  By golly, ever since being a blogger, not one day goes by without the phrase, ”Hey, I have to blog this!” blinking in my head.

You get all thrilled and feel you just can’t wait to get in front of your PC (yes, my desktop PC…don’t have a laptop yet.erk)…until you get in the middle of writing your blog entry.  Then you end up with a list of incomplete drafts.  Argh.

Nevertheless, the opportunity to share what I feel is worth sharing is something great.  It’s worth all the drag in the world! (erk. almost)


Well, today, June 11th 2009, is this blog’s FIRST ANNIVERSARY…!  Woohoo… Happy Birthday Subtle_Fortitude!  (hm, ain’t bad wishing yourself happy anniversary eiy) 😉


My oh my …does a year go by fast…

***Here’s my first blog entry ever (June 11th, 2008) :

Hello Malaysia! :o)

*** Here are my favourites throughout the year:

1.  Through Nenek’s Eyes

2.  What Could Happen in 10 Minutes at Gaza

3. Positive Influence From 9/11

4. A Sunrise in Ramadhan

5.  Students Clueless About their Future

6.  Students Daring?


~*`*~ Subtle_Fortitude ~*`*~

Ehem: more consistent consistency in updating this place is a must!!!!


3 Responses to “First…”

  1. humm said

    happy anniversary! 🙂

  2. Yay! A wish not coming from myself! 🙂 Thanks Kak humm…!

  3. jon said

    happy anniversary!

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