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My Heart Speaks … (2)

Posted by nuruliman45 on June 2, 2009

…Another friend’s kenduri (marriage celebration) today…! (well, yesterday since its 12:18 am now)

Congrats to you sis..!

(argh…anxiety building up)



Coincidentally, I personally know both the bride and groom..usually as guests to any kenduri, we would be going upon the invite of either one, but in this case, I’m in familiar terms with both of them, but of course MUCH closer to the bride.

I just felt it was just yesterday did I get to know this friend of mine..the one that got married  2 weeks ago introduced me to this friend here.  Being just acquaintances grew to being more than mere acquaintances…  consider her as almost my sister…

I long wondered who she’d end up with.  As for the groom?  I wondered who he’d end up with also, because you could pretty much say he’s the kind of gentleguy most gals sought for, so I,  along with my friends, would always mention, “eh, muslimat dia sape eh? bertuah betul sape dapat”…who wouldn’t wonder, the guy:

–  Puts RELIGION in front of him

– Stresses control in his social mingling (mingles with girls only when  he needs to)

–  Is a well-known student leader

and now I know it’s this friend who he chose! Haha…didn’t expect at ALL they had anything going on.  Hm, how beautiful is GOD’s arrangements..!  What we plan sometimes does not result to what we expect, yet HIS arrangements are always advanced than ours.  HE plans better.  We lose what we want for a BETTER return.  That’s what this friend of mine got..!  Received a better guy after planning to be with other ones.

Well, there goes one less ‘big sis’ to share my problems with.  Whenever I come back to Kelantan, I’d always try to find time to meet up with her.  But, it’s not that way anymore.  How difficult was it to let her go… *sniff*

Still the remaining question:  When’s my right time? 🙂

~*`*~ Subtle_Fortitude ~*`*~

Ehem: these blog posts (and a few comments) are totally giving the wrong message that  i’m getting too anxious to get married…!

Ehem x2: sorry folks, that isn’t it.  I guess I’m just going through one of those  ‘before-this-never-thought-about-then-suddenly-given-thought-to’ phases… freaky!


5 Responses to “My Heart Speaks … (2)”

  1. momo said

    salam sayang kak..bila nak kawin plak..hu3

  2. JoJO said


    went through that phase eons ago..
    u grow up real late lah kak
    muahahaha *evil laugh*
    but then was neutralized bile i duk flat
    i must work hard, get rich first, then bru pkiaq kawen
    im gonna b a superwoman
    talk about being a psycho..hahaha

    • JoJ0:

      Waalaikumussalam w.lah…

      eons ago is it?…well, to be honest, it did wander in my mind long ago
      BUT did it only like really agitate my thoughts recently..

      yeah! be a superwoman first..! huhu 😉

  3. fahirie mazlan said

    it’s not God arrangement but, it’s Allah arrangement.

    Yup…………….”We lose what we want for a BETTER return”.

    Even hard, try to believe it. Insya Allah……..

    p/s: Tu gunanya tarbiyyah2 ne. (“,)

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