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Posted by nuruliman45 on June 11, 2009


…That’s what you would hear an eight-year-old exclaim upon receiving his first bike.


Firsts are cool in many many ways.  Getting your first bike like the kid above, for instance.  The excitement in an amusing first that we’ve long anticipated, longed for.  Getting a first bike is what any kid would happily wait for.  Let’s sit for a second and recall all our ‘cool’ firsts…


– moving to a new first BIG house

– getting a first baby sister

– finish a first degree

..But there is also a ‘less cool’ side to firsts: they carry responsibility. Putting the kid and his bike for example:  responsibility comes with possessing a desired first bike.  Well sure, maintaining the bike, locking it up making sure it doesn’t get stolen in the middle of the night, and other things the kid has to do to ensure the ‘well-being’ of the bike.

BALANCE for this blog.  My FIRST blog.  Yeah, of course I was excited and long wanted to start one up.  Duh, how could I not be.  Just about everyone had had their own.  It was like a mushrooming trend last year.  Every campus student at every block pretty much caught the crave to start composing a page of themselves.

As we all know, everything in life is balanced.  So there must be ‘drag’ somewhere in starting up a long-excitingly-awaited blog, right?  Yes, ladies and gentlemen!…it’s the commitment needed to maintain the blog!  By golly, ever since being a blogger, not one day goes by without the phrase, ”Hey, I have to blog this!” blinking in my head.

You get all thrilled and feel you just can’t wait to get in front of your PC (yes, my desktop PC…don’t have a laptop yet.erk)…until you get in the middle of writing your blog entry.  Then you end up with a list of incomplete drafts.  Argh.

Nevertheless, the opportunity to share what I feel is worth sharing is something great.  It’s worth all the drag in the world! (erk. almost)


Well, today, June 11th 2009, is this blog’s FIRST ANNIVERSARY…!  Woohoo… Happy Birthday Subtle_Fortitude!  (hm, ain’t bad wishing yourself happy anniversary eiy) 😉


My oh my …does a year go by fast…

***Here’s my first blog entry ever (June 11th, 2008) :

Hello Malaysia! :o)

*** Here are my favourites throughout the year:

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2.  What Could Happen in 10 Minutes at Gaza

3. Positive Influence From 9/11

4. A Sunrise in Ramadhan

5.  Students Clueless About their Future

6.  Students Daring?


~*`*~ Subtle_Fortitude ~*`*~

Ehem: more consistent consistency in updating this place is a must!!!!


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Kids are funny…

Posted by nuruliman45 on June 9, 2009


I was reading the latest Reader’s Digest issue, and came across these cute jokes (‘As Kids See It’ section)…couldn’t help but share it with ya’ll…  goodness, can kids be any more innocent??? hehe…



When my five-year-old son, John, tried to open a medicine bottle himself, I told him he wouldn’t be able to open the childproof cap.  He responded: “How does the cap know if I’m a child or an adult?” 😀

– Anna Kronhardt



I was on the computer in my home office when my eight-year-old son asked what I did for a living.  “I’m a consultant,” I said.

“What’s a consultant?”

“It’s someone who watches people work and then tells them how they could do it better.”

“We have people like that in my class,” he said, “but we call them pests.” 😀

Katie Adam



“Guess what??” yelled my teenage son as he burst through the door.

“I got a 100 on my Spanish quiz that I didn’t even know we were having.”

“That’s great!” I said.

“But why did’t you know about the quiz?”

“Because our teacher told us about it in Spanish.” 😀

– Kathleen Zell


~*`*~ Subtle_Fortitude ~*`*~

Ehem:  I could just imagine innocent faces of kids making these innocent yet humorous statements… kuikuikui… 😀

Ehem x2:  hope you guys will find them amusing as i did 🙂

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Posted by nuruliman45 on June 9, 2009

Take a glimpse at this:

I was skimming through the few channels that are available in my TV set at home here for background sound while reading the day’s paper (do people do that? erk).  So I was thinking if I were to read the paper, I’d have to find something somewhat boring on the TV to switch to so that I wouldn’t pay much attention to it, because my main objective was to merely make it as ‘background sound’….  So I clicked the remote to HISTORY CHANNEL. haha..thinking something boring was on.


Well, I could tell you that I had put the paper down altogether!


..all the stars and the galaxy visuals mesmerized me… 🙂


Anywho..The TV documentary on was called ‘UNIVERSE’.  It talked a lot about asteroids out there in our galaxy, its orbits, the kinds of asteroids and all that.

While watching the show, I realized how small we humans are.  How large ALLAH has created this universe.  If HE wanted to get rid of us, anytime HE could ‘flick’ an asteroid, which is a tiny speck in the universe, at our planet here…and BAM! We’d could be gone in a split second!  ALLAH is the ALMIGHTY.

And at its climax the documentary talked about asteroids’ contacts with our planet Earth.  Then did it explain NASA’s estimation of a killer asteroid named APOPHIS (meaning ‘the destroyer’) to hit Earth in 2036 causing MAJOR geological damages, affecting a huge part of the world.

After watching the documentary, I went straight to the PC here… and yahooed and googled here and there to read more on this APOPHIS asteroid.  OK, probably you all have heard about this, because the discovery was made in 2004, 5 years ago, but hey..this is new for me.. so bear with me 🙂


Here’s another video with some facts.. (do ignore the language in the beginning of the vid)

…OK, quite frightening isn’t it?  Whether APOPHIS will actually collide onto Earth’s floor or not in 2036..   Only ALLAH truly knows.  Scientists all over the world could do their researching and all, but whatever it is, the whole thing’s HIS deal.  But let’s make it a reminder that we could be gone any day.  Anytime.  The Resurrection (Al-Qiyamah) has its time:

He questions: “When is the Day of Resurrection?” At length, when the sight is dazed and the moon is buried in darkness, and the sun and moon are joined together that Day will Man say; “Where is the refuge?”

Al-Qiyaamah (75): 6-10

There are many other ‘prophecies’ predicting humans will be gone sometime this century, but again, that’s ALLAH’s deal.  Our deal is to be ready for The Day.

Oh ALLAH,…I’m only a small, weak, inferior creation of YOURS.  Look at me, just glancing at he stars and planets YOU’ve made into existence makes me tremble with fear of YOUR Greatness.  Fear of YOUR wrath.  Oh ALLAH, do keep away YOUR fury upon me, because I am not strong enough to face it.  I am inferior, Oh ALLAH…I know…yet I don’t know how I could confront YOUR fury.  Oh ALLAH, please help me in making preparation for the Day of Judgment, for I do fear YOUR wrath, oh ALLAH…do have mercy on me, help me in gaining your ultimate blessing…



NASA:Predicting Apophis’ Earth Encounters in 2029 and 2036

Study: Still a Chance Asteroid May Hit Earth in 2036

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My Heart Speaks … (2)

Posted by nuruliman45 on June 2, 2009

…Another friend’s kenduri (marriage celebration) today…! (well, yesterday since its 12:18 am now)

Congrats to you sis..!

(argh…anxiety building up)



Coincidentally, I personally know both the bride and groom..usually as guests to any kenduri, we would be going upon the invite of either one, but in this case, I’m in familiar terms with both of them, but of course MUCH closer to the bride.

I just felt it was just yesterday did I get to know this friend of mine..the one that got married  2 weeks ago introduced me to this friend here.  Being just acquaintances grew to being more than mere acquaintances…  consider her as almost my sister…

I long wondered who she’d end up with.  As for the groom?  I wondered who he’d end up with also, because you could pretty much say he’s the kind of gentleguy most gals sought for, so I,  along with my friends, would always mention, “eh, muslimat dia sape eh? bertuah betul sape dapat”…who wouldn’t wonder, the guy:

–  Puts RELIGION in front of him

– Stresses control in his social mingling (mingles with girls only when  he needs to)

–  Is a well-known student leader

and now I know it’s this friend who he chose! Haha…didn’t expect at ALL they had anything going on.  Hm, how beautiful is GOD’s arrangements..!  What we plan sometimes does not result to what we expect, yet HIS arrangements are always advanced than ours.  HE plans better.  We lose what we want for a BETTER return.  That’s what this friend of mine got..!  Received a better guy after planning to be with other ones.

Well, there goes one less ‘big sis’ to share my problems with.  Whenever I come back to Kelantan, I’d always try to find time to meet up with her.  But, it’s not that way anymore.  How difficult was it to let her go… *sniff*

Still the remaining question:  When’s my right time? 🙂

~*`*~ Subtle_Fortitude ~*`*~

Ehem: these blog posts (and a few comments) are totally giving the wrong message that  i’m getting too anxious to get married…!

Ehem x2: sorry folks, that isn’t it.  I guess I’m just going through one of those  ‘before-this-never-thought-about-then-suddenly-given-thought-to’ phases… freaky!

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