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The BIG 19..!

Posted by nuruliman45 on May 31, 2009

Today’s May 31st 2009..!  19 years bro was born into the world…!

so… a big HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to Abdul Rahman a.k.a dromey a.k.a Doraemon…!

Just to let you guys know, my family usually does a kind of 3-in-1 birthday celebration at the beginning of June, for Dromey’s, the 3rd, and 4th siblings’ birthdays are all in one week!  But it seems this year it’s 2-in-1 since he’s in Egypt now 😦

So, Dromey…here’s 2 cakes sendin’ to ya express!! 🙂  Text me when it arrives k!  😉 …hoho…

May ALLAH keep you safe always, grant you his blessings till the end of time, and award you true contentment in this life moreover in the hereafter…AMEEN.

Gosh, you’re 19 already huh, Dromey…together becoming adults aren’t we.  It’s funny how as wittle kids, we took each other for granted.  I could have looked over you better…but what’s gone is gone..let’s not take the rest of our time for granted anymore ok.

As for your exam…Keep your grip in your studying, I know it’s a bit tough over there, but you can do it!  Your perseverance is strong, i know… Good luck in your next paper k… All the best little bro…!  Chow!

~*`*~ Subtle_Fortitude ~*`*~

Ehem:  got a little nostalgic there, but ya know, that’s how it’s like being a sentimental eldest sister…always worrying about all the younger siblings.  hm!  It’s not like I want to, it’s just somehow programmed in my system to be so.erk….


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