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My Heart Speaks… (1)

Posted by nuruliman45 on May 30, 2009

Hearing about the difficult times and all the emotional tests my big-housmate-sisters here go through in getting the right person to marry make me think to myself man am I lucky I’m still young!!

Why is everyone getting married??? Argh..>!

OK…let me list down all the people that I know is getting married (in my head)… her, him, her, her, her….

All the friends getting engaged soon? her, him, her, erm then, her, her, her….and the list goes on

P/S: a special congrats to my special ‘big sis’ who just tied the knot on the 16th of May in Kuantan..!  Hope GOD blesses every second of your ‘new life’..!  🙂


You see, my housmates are all older than me and most are at the ambang of graduating and going on with there next phase of adulthood:  preparation for berumahtangga.

….SO…story after story do I ‘accidentally’ listen to about all my big-housmate-sisters’ respective fairy tales and nightmares, plus complications in reaching their ‘happinesshood’.  Dilemmas here and there.  Having to make choices between 2 or 3 equally great guys (well, more accurately stated as gentlemen) that nak masuk meminang… Choices not parallel with what parents desire…happy times…sad times…the works!

What say me?

Hearing about the difficult times and all the emotional tests my big-housmate-sisters here go through in getting the right person to marry make me think to myself man am I lucky I’m still young!! …I don’t have to get my head all caught up in these emotional drag downs.  But obviously these are what all people go through in reaching true happiness after getting married; undergo test after test in finding the right person and finding the right time to get married.  Yup!  Young is great!! :-p

… Then …when hearing how one after another of my big-housmate-sisters receiving multiple ‘requests’, and how contented they are after they istikharah, and decide on the right person, I then start asking myself: When’s it my turn?  How would I know when the right time it is to ‘find’ that someone? I mean, most of my school friends already have someone they are confident will be ‘the one’ they’ll naik pelamin with one day.  Why shouldn’t I have someone?  Wouldn’t it be great if I too was confident with whom I’ll spend the rest of my life with? hmmm…

(It’s REALLY weird how I didn’t even think of all this junk last semester…is this the meaning of growing in maturity? haha…)

Hah! that’s all the heart of an average female adolescent speaking…!  🙂 The natural voices of any single gal going through the ups and downs of adolescence.

…whatever it is… this is my STAND:

No Love til akad

The present time is 100% for Islam, family, and studies…

The remaining question here is:  When is the right time? 🙂

~*`*~ Subtle_Fortitude ~*`*~

Ehem: My goodness!!!  it is true??? I’m actually talking about marriage..!!!

Ehem x2:  Hope you all don’t feel weird I’m suddenly pouring my heart out about this kind of stuff..!


7 Responses to “My Heart Speaks… (1)”

  1. fitrah said

    wah…kak iman pon dah mula pk2..? interesting..
    no love until akad..setuju..!
    but somehow the question that come after that sgt laa banyak
    when is the right time..
    how do u know that person is mr right..
    dan segala mcam soalan lagi..
    p/s kak iman..kawen jgn lupe sgt teruja untuk pergi kenduri kawen senior2 =)

    • To Fitrah:
      macam mane akak xpk…I’m surrounded by people yg dah beyond pk2! huhu…

      …wutever it is…

      nak yang soleh, cari dulu ‘solehah’ diri kan… hah, as for you, don’t get any cocky ideas. huhu…sama2 lah kita mencari solehah tu dulu erk 🙂

  2. badrul said

    oh i tot its just my friends yg start2 nk kawen nie..who knows its quite ‘universal’..huhu..

    i agree w ‘no love until akad’ and be a soleh/solehah bfr u ever think abt getting a soleh/solehah urslf..but to wut extent?how wud u draw a line?when do u know tat ur actually ready?..

    n adakah jodoh tu dicari atau sekadar menunggu?..perlu ke ‘usaha’?how? etc etc……

    i hav few gud frens among girls..n they actually express the same ‘concern'(if u like) like urs..yet i dunno how to respond or advise or even help them when it comes to thgs r just wayyy complicated..huhu..

    p/s:dgn xmalunye,jgn lupe jemput nnt(whenever it is)..huhu ;P

    • woah…talk about a lot questions in your mind..! I thought I was thinkin’ a lot. 🙂

      aiya, i’m probably just as confused as those gal friends of yours… but i’ll answer ’em anyway…

      For the past few years, I’ve thought long n hard bout these Qs actually…
      ..these are answers based on the stand i’ve built till now.


      Q: to what extent? how would u draw a line?
      A: To what extent it is depends on ur capability…the important thing is effort the best u can n for one reason: to attain redha ALLAH. The line would be drawn on its own.

      When do you know ur actually ready?
      A: My goodness! Kalau ikutkan, we’d never feel ready, would we? but when the time comes, our heart will know…the important thing is be consistent in doing istikharah, let HIM guide you to the right time. akan rasa tetap hati, tekad hati, cekal hati, etc when the time arrives….

      adakah jodoh dicari @ sekadar menunggu?
      A: this one’s real confusing..! but, what I believe is the most relevant for me.. and you or any other person may relate to this also… I know that I won’t be able to do anything until I’ve completed my degree (more stable, parents would feel easy if it’s after getting a bachelor and start work)…….

      so i’d say both..! menunggu sehingga masa.. tapi bila masa sesuai?.. i feel bila dah rasa ‘clear’ (dah nk hbis degree ke).. then carilah when dah nak clear dah…

      why do i say this? if you wanna start ‘finding’ early, it may be no use…because you wouldn’t know if that person is the person u’ll end up with because there’s just SO much time till you actually get married..that doesn’t include the ‘tests’ (masalah hati) you’ll attain in trying to defend ur relationship…

      then if you that person is not ur actual jodoh…wouldn’t that be a waste of emotion and time?? Ksian lah kt ur future spouse if you’ve already given ur heart to someone else beforehand…


      • badrul said

        i wasnt expecting u to answer all those questions..seriously..huhu..those were just my monologue(if u like )..but thx..same here lah..i wont think about all these till i achieve certain thgs in my life(which apparently will take years n years..or maybe ages..huhu)..dun care..byk mende len nk pk..hehe ;))

      • oh really (u could’ve warned me first, telling me it was mere monologue.huhu. man, was that a lot of babbling on my part..)

        tau xpe! banyak benda lagi nak pikir kan…! haha..all of a sudden I see this long endless swerving road in front of me… (does that mean anything? No0o0o0o…)

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