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Strength in Life Complications

Posted by nuruliman45 on May 24, 2009



Sometimes, everything seems to go wrong…and at times, I feel that one complication after another comes shooting at me.  I’m sure you also have times like these where calmness seems too far to be reached… We sigh while telling ourselves how life seems to be so difficult.

There are times when I just feel like

secluding myself in a quiet place at home,

away from Melaka,

away from leadership responsibilities on campus,

away from my academic struggle,

avoid responsibilities as an eldest child,

an eldest grandchild,

a holder of family dignity,

a role model for my 6 younger siblings,

and as a person having to take care of ever single thing one does.

Seems easy, huh…running away from it all.  In reality, it’s easy for only a split second!  The consequences of running from everything can even complicate your life even more…! :-p

The real way out

Whenever I come back to my senses, I realize that there’s something that gives true calmness: remembering ALLAH.  Going through all the difficulties because of HIM…wanting to attain HIS ultimate blessings.  HIS grace.  Its from these difficulties that I realize I’m never alone.  And its from these complications that I gain the strength I possess now…

….Absolutely, by remembering GOD, the hearts rejoice.

[Al-Ra’ad: 28]

..There’s truth in the lyrics from the song above! (Mestica – Mimpi Yang Indah)

…I can imagine my friends telling me this:


~*`*~ Subtle_Fortitude ~*`*~

Ehem:  I have been sounding quite tense based on my recent entries…hey, a blog’s a blog… want to share it with readers 🙂  Don’t worry, hasn’t come to the extent of depression yet!! hehehe :-p


2 Responses to “Strength in Life Complications”

  1. hdyhksm said


    cik subtle..huhu…anda mengalami penyakit tensi nih…lek2 bende leh setel, beb…hehhe


    Z.i.k.i.r <—— is the best medicine…(^_^)v!

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