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Posted by nuruliman45 on May 24, 2009

Woah, would you look at that…not quite istiqomah with this blog for a few months huh.  :-p  You see the title below, my last so-called entry? (Secularisme has taken over!!’).. became quite frustrated over it for a while.


Wanna know why?

The title you see there was actually an actual entry.  FULL entry.  I repeat, FULL entry.  But as I had completed composing the entry.  I clicked PUBLISH, as we bloggers would always do to publish an entry.  Then for some reason or another, the text was all gone..! argh.  Talk about frustration!!  The desire to rewrite the whole thing was wrecked by the sense of annoyance towards wordpress.  Haha.  Plus, I needed to continue with my studying for my paper the next day… Couldn’t steal any more of my study time there.  It was funny how the frustration actually irritated me almost every hour while I was studying.  Seriously big time frustration!  But it was my own fault..too confident in wordpress’ auto-save feature. huhu… well, let by-gones be by-gones…

That day was a day between two papers.  And I babbled on how I was terribly disappointed with the paper I sat for that afternoon.  How secularism has obviously seeped into the syllabus in our universities without us realizing ourselves.

What I remembered I wrote that day

That day I sat for the paper MULTICULTURAL COUNSELLING.  Ok.  If you see ‘multicultural’, people usually understand it involving only different ethics, races, religion and all.  But it actually involves more than that (according to what I had learnt during the semester).  ‘CULTURE’ actually involves all different kinds of groups, as long as that group possesses characteristics that can generally differentiate it from another group of people.  Get it? 🙂

What made me feel downright annoyed was that out of all the topics that the program decided to include in our syllabus, from the recommended text book (published in US), they included theories and approaches in counseling which conveyed that we Malaysians should accept HOMOSEXUAL groups.

HELLO!!  What religion in this whole world actually accepts homosexuality??? It’s just downright wrong.  The textbook went on how these people are ‘unique’ and we, as counselors, have to respect their respective characteristics..can’t be judgemental..accept their individual principles… Ya ALLAH…ape nak jadi!! And there I was in the big (well, not all that big) exam hall, writing about a theory I don’t believe in.  The Troiden Theory.  Try reading about it; it excludes any element involving religion teaching.

The factor of people turning homosexual is just simple.  They decide to run astray from their religion’s teachings.  It’s not fitrah (natural) for a human (or any creature to be exact) to fall for its same gender.  Aiya.

ALLAH said in the Holy Qur’an, which brings the meaning:

“We also sent Lut : He said to his people : “Do ye commit lewdness (faahisyah in the surah here means homosexual activity) such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.”

[Surah Al A’raaf (7): 80-81]

(More on Islam and Homosexuality)

To let you guys know, there were a bunch of topics that the program already excluded.  Which, I guess, the top people in the faculty felt didn’t belong in the syllabus.  This makes me SO WONDER why they chose GENDER ORIENTATION to be something optional, and decided that they want us TESLians (who are supposed to be future educators of good values, and bring GOOD to people) to be people who actually accept this ridiculous thing.


MORAL OF THE STORY:  Compose your article in Word first before you decide to put it in the composing area on wordpress..! 🙂  Learned my lesson!


3 Responses to “Frustration..!”

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  2. badrul said

    glad some1 has FINALLY updated her blog!..huhu

    abt this homosexuality situation is much similar to UK we future docs need to follow GMC rules..we cant by any means judge ppl on the basis of their sexual orientations..say if a homosexual person comes to see u,n u found him having a sexually transmitted disease(STD),it’s ‘ethically’ n legally wrong to deny him fr any treatment(coz one would argue tat clearly he got STD bcoz he’s y bother treating sm1 who’s gonna keep on exposing himslf to STD n stuff?)..if not,u’ll b sued n they’l take back ur license somehow we hav to accept that homosexuality is NORMAL here *annoyed* ..

    nvr thot tat u TESLians hav to learn this crap ethics too (tho the context is slightly diffrnt)..

    n/b: GMC=general medical council

    • To Badrul:
      huhu..I’m glad I updated too… for the past few months my blog was like sekadar hiasan je

      oh i see..GMC rules huh… sounds annoying to me too.

      Yup, we TESLians don’t just learn it as ethics but as approaches in counseling.
      I just plainly don’t agree with it. Aren’t counselors supposed to be ‘psychologic doctors’, help clients for the better. How is the counselor supposed to do that if he has to ‘agree’ with a wrong aspect of his client?

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