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Farewell to 2 beautiful people… :’-(

Posted by nuruliman45 on February 10, 2009

Assalamu’alaikum and greetings to all…

Two days ago (Saturday), I was attending an engagement ceremony of this one close friend of mine in Kuantan. It was really joyful and merry. My friend was full with glow, hm… if during engagement she’s already aglow, can’t imagine how ‘shiny’ she’ll be when she becomes an isteri orang this May.

Anywho, getting astray from the topic here… I was having fun chatting with friends and all when suddenly my cell phone rang. It was my mom…


“Waalaikumussalam W.lah”

” (my name), where are you now?”

“Am at Kak Siti (not real name)’s place. She’s getting engaged like I told you that day…”

“Oh… well, (my name)… just wanted to tell you… [Mom’s voice lowering ]… I got a call from Nenek and she said that Che Nah just passed away before Subuh this morning………..”

Could hardly believe it!

A sudden feeling of sorrowness creeped my whole body. I felt disappointed (and guilty) that I didn’t make it to see her for the last time. I did know that Che Nah had undergone a serious operation around last year or so, but, since I seldom get to be back in Kelantan for long, I never got to find the right time to go and vist her. I didn’t expect her going so soon. It shows how our life can end at any moment, any second…

She was a very lovely person. She wasn’t my school teacher, but my tuition class teacher. Even so, she was really close to all her students. Everyone loved her. My little brother also attended her classes and became quite close to her. I remember how I’d sometimes bump into her after Tarawih prayers during Ramadhan. Very fond of her.

…But ALLAH loves her more I guess, and had decided her phase of life in this world is up till then only. May ALLAH bless her soul, forgive her sins…

Another Loss …

After noon class earlier I heard news saying the Bukit Gantang MP Roslan Shaharum passed away. He passed away abruptly after cycling a bicycle for the pharmacy after experiencing chest pains, unfortunately leaving a wife and 11 children.



…and more

He used to be a lecturer of my friends so they were quite affected by the news. He was a humble and friendly guy, they said. Wish I had the chance to know him. But I wasn’t destined to meet him.

Let’s recite a du’a together:


“Oh ALLAH, do place the souls of these beautiful people among those who YOU bless. Protect them, preserve them, and place them in YOUR paradise, Oh ALLAH. Let their sincere deeds be remembered by all and may YOU bless them because of their sincere deeds. Oh ALLAH, do allow us to die in a pleasant manner. Do hinder from us an unpleasant death. AMEEN…”


4 Responses to “Farewell to 2 beautiful people… :’-(”

  1. badrul said

    dunno if you remember (or even know) me,but Che Nah was my tuition teacher as well..i heard the news from a friend and could hardly believe it too..but Allah loves her more..lets pray that Allah blesses her and grants her Jannah..ameen

    • To Badrul

      Ameen ya Rabbal ‘Alameen…

      Hey, I still remember you…! (hrm, wonder how u found my blog here).. I haven’t forgotten my fellow tuition classmates 🙂
      yup, got the news while away from Kelantan so unfortunately couldn’t get to see her for the last time.

      yes, May ALLAH bless her soul…

  2. badrul said

    oh really?glad to know tat 😉

    xsure either how I first found ur’s a small,small world after x really surprising i suppose..

    me worst,not even in malaysia..kinda impossible to visit her *sigh*

    nway,keep on blogging n tk care!

  3. alright…well, thx 4 visiting… do stop by again 🙂 good luck in ur studies (wherever u are)…

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