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What could happen in 10 minutes at Gaza

Posted by nuruliman45 on February 1, 2009

Brothers Sisters in Gaza…

“How strong you are in facing what I can’t imagine myself facing…

Your souls too hardy and bold in finding strength, when strength is hard to reach for.

May Allah give you the strength and spirit you need to uphold Islam within you.

..Tears and du’as are the only I can contribute….


Brothers Sisters in Gaza….

What happens in your usual 10 minutes? nothing big happens in my usual ten minutes. Besides getting fish burnt at the stove, falling asleep while vigorously studying for a test, missing an express bus getting back home.. there isn’t much that had actually happened in my usual 10 minutes.

Imagine losing your family, home in 10 minutes…

..knowing that your own life is at stake every second, in your own hometown.

…well, I don’t know about you, but as hard as I try, I still find it hard to imagine (haven’t instilled enough empathy in me i guess, argh) because our country is still at a comfortable state – peaceful, riots here seldom break out.

Then this short creative video was introduced to me….

SUMMARY: A guy in Paris (paris, if i’m not mistaken) wants to develop a picture.the express way. It takes 10 minutes to get it done… then it switches to another setting in Bosnia…

–> you can watch the rest. I tell you anymore then I’d spoil the whole thing 🙂

The setting is in Bosnia but it can be applied to the life at Gaza (although I presume the situation in Gaza is much worse)… watch, friends… together let’s build our empathy towards our brothers and sisters in Palestine.


3 Responses to “What could happen in 10 minutes at Gaza”

  1. Syurahbil said

    yeah, its totally true.For gazanians, 10 mins was much longer than we would really think.

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