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…Comin’ back from the dead

Posted by nuruliman45 on January 22, 2009


Woah! one month without updating this place! that’s a record…!  Who would of  thought not having internet access at this inferior-student-rental-home could affect me so much! the extent that time for updating this blog gets cut to a mega limit!

Hrm.. Now i know how it’s like being someone without internet access at home… one whole month being obligated to find internet access elsewhere.. sad, huh 😦

Well, so many things happened within a month…!

1) Got myself involved in ‘caretaking’ newcomers of the campus. (induction week)
2) 2 of my aunties came back from hajj
3) Youngest (baby) sister’s birthday
4) Seminars, conferences, meetings…! Argh.
5) Moved to a different rental house  (rental house’s fault for no internet access!!)
6) PRK –> Campus Election
7)  Last but certainly not least –> out of my personal life but still has a large effect on me –> The attack on Gaza :’-(

You might be wondering, why didn’t I just try to find a PC elsewhere – on campus, cyber cafe, friends’ house?  Well, it’s not the same when you’re not using ur own PC… you feel rushed to complete whatever you want to complete (huhu, is that a strong enough excuse? 🙂  )

Whatever it is, hope renewing this place won’t be a problem like it was for the past month 🙂


2 Responses to “…Comin’ back from the dead”

  1. Syurahbil said

    quite busy.huh?he3

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