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huh??? Shah Rukh Khan gets ‘Datukship’??

Posted by nuruliman45 on October 27, 2008

I could hardly believe my ears when a friend told me last week that the oh-so-popular Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan will be getting the new name of ‘Datuk Shah Rukh Khan’ this Wednesday from Malacca’s Chief Minister Dato’ Ali Rustam..!!

…and for what contribution does he get the honour of getting this award – the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM), to be exact? Can someone please tell me..! “Yes, thank you Mr…. oops.. Datuk Shah Rukh Khan for being such a great Bollywood actor… for helping Malaysia be rich in Bollywood films… I don’t know what Malacca would do without you..!!” Not! :-p

Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam sure knew what he was doing when he decided to give the DMSM to not only a person outside of Malacca, but someone outside of Malaysia – a great pick! Why is it only now that Datuk Ali Rustam decides to break the record of granting this award to a Bollywood celebrity (hrm, if there were any other person that had done so, do correct me)? He should have done so much before..!

So all people of Malaysia, well…the whole world in that matter… don’t forget to come down Malacca on Wednesday, 29th October 2008 (Date subject to change) to watch this historical event of Shah Rukh Khan accepting this DMSM award…! Hrm.I guess he couldn’t get any awards back in India, so it wouldn’t hurt to get one from Malaysia. 🙂

Goodness, me oh my…still can’t believe Shah Rukh Khan’s getting Datuk ma…

Dialog for future children:

“So..children, do be a successful actor in Malaysia, because one day you can get an award from other great countries. Don’t believe Mama? See how Datuk Ali Rustam did in 2008? haaa, Chief Ministers like actors, so be one..!” aih…ajaran sesat


3 Responses to “huh??? Shah Rukh Khan gets ‘Datukship’??”

  1. hilman said

    no, that answer will not satisfy the need to be one Datuk. You have to be real good actor be a Datuk. Good enough to be liked by a certain someone in the high rank.

    Sheila Majid got her Datukship a few days ago. What say you?

  2. badrul said

    it’s not that i agree with SRK’s Datukship..most Datuks in Malaysia don’t even make enough(not even great) contributions to the country,yet still got the title..which means,it’s just too easy to become a ‘datuk’ me,the quality is not there if SRK becomes a datuk,it’s not a real big deal coz the system is already’s just adding up one more ‘unqualified’ Datuk to the list..

    *no offence to SRK ;)*

  3. To Hilman: When I hear ‘Datuk’, I picture nobleness. Noble being a great contributor. Is being in the entertainment industry a contribution to the people? I dunno that much about Sheila Majid. She probably did something nice for people in her reign of being a popular singer, but that I dunno. The only thing I know bout her is that she’s been Malaysia’s jazz singer for more than 2 decades. So what? If Sheila Majid got her Datukship for doing something noble for the people of Pahang or something, like made a change for the orphans in certain parts of Pahang…then I would agree on her Datukship. But if she got it just because she coincidently got popular all these years from her hobby of singing, then sorry….don’t agree. Same goes with Shah Rukh Khan. His hobby is acting. Got famous for acting..which is great. Why not, u get popular for doing what u love. Then suddenly u get an award for nobility… erm, tell me if u see the connection. Bcause I don’t.

    To Badrul: Not all Datuks are bogus. There are great contributors among these Datuk people. But, you’re right. The quality isn’t what it used to be. It sometimes becomes a tool for plain old political games…which I have a strong feeling is the factor behind SRK’s Datukship 🙂

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