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Off you go, Little Bro…!

Posted by nuruliman45 on October 19, 2008

My fingers quivered as I tried to take the last few shots, using my mom’s ever-so-intricate cell phone, of my little bro from behind before he disappeared beyond the security gates leading to his airplane platform. I could hardly believe at that time that my grown-up little bro was leaving me. Tears ran down my cheeks as he gradually disappeared beyond my sight, heading towards a new journey in his life…


Newest change in my life: my little brother went off to Egypt to pursue medical studies.

It seemed just like yesterday how we were ‘kanak-kanak ribena’ , bubbly kids.. he’d do his little Power Ranger kicks at my sister and me where he couldn’t tell the difference between TV and reality. Meanwhile, my sister and I were always busy with our Barbie dolls πŸ™‚ Then there were the common sibling rivalries where we would ‘tattle tail’ on each other all the time; life was all about being a kid then…!

Years passed by. from pulling at each others’ hair during early childhood times to pre-teenage life where we almost didn’t care about one another. haha. Those were the days…then as we got older, the three of us (my sis, bro, and I) learned to respect and care and watch out for each other, and also take responsibility of our 4 ‘much much’ younger siblings.

Change in Life

Of course, as being the eldest, my going-away from home to campus-life didn’t give much impact to anything because I was the only one gone from home, however my little bro’s departure to Egypt several days ago is a big sign that our life (the three of us) is going to seriously take its turn. It’s no longer constantly being together under one roof anymore…hey, we’re growing up. It scares me sometimes wondering how ‘the next change’ in life would be like. But this is certainly the beginning of it. It seems that it also scares my parents too. Once upon a time about 2 decades ago they had said goodbye to my grandparents to go overseas. Now they’re watching they’re own son going off leaving them. And so continues, THE CIRCLE OF LIFE.

Now, there’ll be no more :

– being able to check on him whenever I feel like checking on him

– punching him (he’s big, so doesn’t hurt him)

– yelling at him for picking at our ‘much much’ younger siblings

– bossing him around to do house errands

– worrying bout him for not coming back home early

Change in life is something we all go through – Puberty, changing schools, changing homes, new additions to the family, tertiary education, and the like. However, all these experiences are unknown until we actually experience it – knowing about something is totally different than experiencing something. We all know that. Its just that you don’t know that you’re going to undergo something big ONCE you actually undergo it. As a matter of fact, I didn’t expect I’d feel that my little bro’s departure would affect as much as it did on my family and I.

Day by day, our circle of life continues. One thing turns to another. One challenge grows to another. Life is scary, but that’s the beauty of it – it’s unpredictable.

So… the tears at the airport that day wasn’t just because my little bro was going away, but it was because of a deeper feeling: our childhood years are no more because things will never be the same again….


Good luck in Egypt, Little Bro! Make our family proud… πŸ™‚


4 Responses to “Off you go, Little Bro…!”

  1. the deep said

    I hear you and know the feeling of having a loved one move away. The realization of the fact that things would never be the same and we would never be children again comes as a shock to us. My cousin sis who I was very close to during my childhood days feels the same every time we meet now.. now that she is married and that life has changed so much for both of us..

    I wish the best for your brother and for you!

  2. dear sis!
    yea..i always miss the moment i was a little child..there was nothing to worry about, unlike to date, hehe..
    btw, i had already tagged come visit my blog if you have time..~_~

  3. novice101 said

    The best of luck to your little brother’! Thrown into the deep end and having to fend for oneself is the quickest way to learn. Your brother is getting the best ‘work-in-progress’ lesson life can offer.

  4. Novice101: Yes, I’m sure he’ll be much matured from this ‘work-in’progress’ lesson… thanx for the wish.

    rabiatul_adawiyah: yup, no worries when were wittle wittle childwen πŸ™‚ Have dropped by ur blog several times. thx..! πŸ™‚

    the deep: u must be really close to that cousin of yours. That’s your version of the ‘splitting apart’ change. time flies, huh? πŸ™‚

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