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Students Clueless about their Future

Posted by nuruliman45 on August 19, 2008

Due to the overly competitive world of high achieving, many students (yes, even university students) are clueless in what they want to undertake as a career. Students are clueless because they are confused between:

  • What they are interested in
  • What they are good at
  • What their parents want them to pursue
  • What they qualify to further in for their tertiary education

Careers of interest is important for a student to emphasize, but then comes the drawback of what parents want them to pursue and whether they qualify to further in that field. For example: Maria has been dying to be a marine biologist since she was in form 1 but her SPM results couldn’t qualify her to further in that area.

Another factor students should consider is a career they think they’ll be good at. In secondary school, most students can detect in what areas they are good at or in what areas they notice they have a bit of an advantage of over their fellow classmates. Choosing what one is good at is a great motivation booster when pursuing any challenge. Yet, some students feel that what they are good at is not their passion nor what they see can contribute to the kind of career they dream of. Then there are those who feel, “Why should I choose something I’m already good at, I want CHALLENGE, man!!”… to say that this is a very arrogant stand, couldn’t say so either because it all depends on the person themselves.

Then comes the common part where a student would plunge into an area just because it is the oh-so-longing hope of their parents. I have heard many of my friends during my school years, matriculation semesters, and even among my current classmates tell me how they ended up where they are/were because gave into what their parents wished for and nothing more; it was the only reason they had chosen what they had chosen. One of my friends went for Life Science in the matriculation to head for Medic, because she was like the last child in her family and her parents wanted to see one of their children become a doctor – and so be it!…she went for Medic.

Ok, here’s a biggy. This is what usually influences most students to become clueless: their examination results do not qualify them to study what they want. Some want to go for engineering but their Additional Math isn’t strong enough to get them into any engineering courses, for example. It’s usually from their SPM, STPM, Matriculation results when chaos starts and students are torn away from what they planned and anticipated to do and are obligated to further in what they are offered.

Which is the best option???

All these points get humble-jumbled up in these students’ heads and lastly, they feel that there are either too little or no options left for them. Hence, can become unmotivated altogether.

Now, out of all these reasons, which reasons would guarantee a student to choose a suitable career for him/herself?

Well, according to Talent Plus Asia Pacific managing director Dr William Wan, interest and passion is #1 in choosing a career.

Dr Wan feels that while worries about having a solid “rice bowl” are understandable, a career choice guided by interest and passion often results in a win-win situation. (The Star Online)

Yes, Interest and passion is absolutely the most important factor in choosing a career! It is obvious that whatever you pursue, if you do it because you have an inner passion for it, you’re surely go far. For example, if a student chooses IT because he is fascinated with computer programming, nothing could stop him from achieving because he loves what he studies. Furthermore, he wouldn’t have a problem building a career, because despite any obstacle, he’d find a living out of what he has a passion for, even if it means he having to open a business of himself. But that’s A-okay because he loves what he is doing! He faces no loss!

For those who do not qualify for a course of interest after their SPM, it isn’t the end of the world. Believe it or not, I have met many people who studied one area but ended up in a career which had almost nothing related to what they studied! Among them took up Arabic for a degree but I guess he found his true passion in the middle of doing his Bachelor when he started his own company at 22 in training and consultancy. Way off course, but he seems to be enjoying what he does now.

The important thing here for students (including myself) is to keep in mind something that they have a passion for and feel that they can spend the rest of their life doing for self-satisfaction. Hold on to that one thing, and GOD willing, that student can go far. Whatever comes their way, it could be faced because of an interest that the student could defend later on. The key is determination and perseverance in whatever one does.

In Islam, God is Ever-fair, hence whichever path a person endeavors, if they work hard, they will surely get what they deserve: a worthwhile return.


4 Responses to “Students Clueless about their Future”

  1. green07 said

    Right. Mahasiswa should learning more things when they study at University before come out to work. So that, they can competitive with other people.

  2. green07 said

    Right, Mahasiswa should learning more things at University so that they can competitive with other

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  4. furydose said

    Students dont know what they want to do because they want to be special but do not know why a person must be special. What do i mean?
    You can read my article below:

    Also, when students make their decision, they based it on the wrong reasons. What are ‘the right reasons’? Read below:

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