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Behind =Meet Dave=

Posted by nuruliman45 on August 19, 2008

I caught the trailer for this movie last week or something, and couldn’t help but take a sneak peek at this new comedy! Plus, who could miss a film with the hilarious Eddie Murphy as the lead actor!!

In the ‘Meet Dave’, Eddie Murphy plays 2 characters: The spaceship and the captain of this so-called spaceship. It so happens that the captain and his ship mates control this large ship (in the form of Eddie Murphy) and comes to Earth on a mission to retrieve back an orb that got itself on Earth.

In the movie, each part of this Ship(Eddie Murphy)’s body is controlled by a team of these aliens – the right arm one or a few of them, the left another team, the mouth several of them. Quite awkward, but that’s what makes it a movie!

Application to Real Life

You could see how in the movie, they portrayed how difficult it is to control this creation of theirs (the spaceship in the form of human) – to understand its surroundings, how to interact with other people the size of the spaceship, in what way to move the limbs, and much more. It took much more than several of them to control this spaceship! Even with that amount, they were unable to fully control the spaceship the way a real human being is like.

This made me think how we, humans, could function so well without anything inside controlling us inside our bodies, *LOL* πŸ˜€ …Probably with hundreds of thousands of little beings inside us, it would still be inadequate to manage a sophisticated creation like us. That’s the beauty of Allah’

s creations πŸ™‚ . Now, that was thinking about 1 human being. Why don’t you try keying in 1 x the number of the world’s population. That doesn’t include all the other living things on this planet – plants, animals, insects. Then there’s the microscopic world – amoebas, bacteria, platlets, AND MANY MORE!!! woah, I’m overwhelming myself!! phewh! The amazing thing is that HE (Allah) doesn’t need help at all controlling all this… SUBHANALLAH.


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