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Students daring?

Posted by nuruliman45 on August 18, 2008

ironic, ironic….

UiTM students marching to Bangunan Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah

(UiTM students marching to Bangunan Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah)

ironic, ironic…

(Some of the 5,000 UiTM students who held a peaceful march to protest)

Wasn’t it just several months ago that the government was saying how organizing protests and demoes are a part of the Westerners’ culture, not ours (Utusan Malaysia Online)? Well I guess it has officially been made an OK action to be made as Datuk Seri Prof Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah encouraged all UiTM branches to protest against (what most people believe is) the recent proposal of Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (Do you actually believe the manipulative media saying that Tan Sri Abd Khalid proposed this?…haven’t we heard about this opening 10 % UiTM quota thing long before this? think about it….). I repeat: PROPOSAL; nothing more than a proposal!

Can someone tell me… What’s the difference between this peaceful march with the peaceful marches before this?…You know, the ones protesting against the rise of fuel prices and all… both are bombs or anything………. nontheless, why were most people afraid to participate with the demo demanding lowering fuel prices? … while the demo in UiTM was encouraged? both striving for something right weren’t they? hrmmm…..

I just can’t understand what all the commotion is about when what Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim brought up was just a proposal; a suggestion…not more than that….but the whole country makes it like he had implemented the whole thing altogether… it would be different if Tan Sri was threatening UiTM to bring it up to the Parliment. Feel me, people?

Nevertheless, congratulations to all UiTM students involved in the protests for showing how easily you ‘melatah’ to a mere suggestion. I believe you have all started a wave of braveness for university students to voice out their rights… that is an improvement (although this was due to the highly obvious encouragement from the Vice Chancellor himself). It’s not long till amendments of AUKU has to be made as UiTM itself has made voicing out legal within campus territory… VOICE OUT UR RIGHTS!

Here’s what Datuk Seri Prof Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah advised a few days ago:

“I hope Malaysians will think carefully before they make their decisions and not be influenced by those who speak only for their own political benefit to gain the support of Malays.”

Yes… I agree with him… “don’t easily be influenced by people who speak for their own political benefit”… but do look at it at both sides of the game…. it’s not only one side fighting for attention here. UiTM students seem to be pulled and lured into being a part of the game of fighting for the Malays’ support – help campaign for BN in the up-coming Permatang Pauh election – congrats I bid to UiTM-students-involved-in-the-protests! Did they think of that? 🙂


8 Responses to “Students daring?”

  1. anakdesa said

    I was made to understand that the students were directed by someone high in the UiTM to protest. I wonder what kind of person is that, using the students to do his dirty work for him. This is no place for someone like that. He should be joining politic. That’s the problem with we bumiputra as I said, we took things for granted and kowtow to the politicians as they are the one that appointed them to the position. Mind you….APPOINTED not on merit! So if you know anyone up there, you can be anyone you want to be…FOR AWHILE….easy come…easy go…

  2. DO u join that demonstration?

    I’ve wrote about this . Do visit my blog 🙂

  3. TO AnakDesa:

    Yups, according to what I observed, the protest wasn’t 100% the will from the students. It was because of the encouragement from the HEP, moreover from that ‘high person’ that these students came down. If it were an ‘illegal’ demo, the number of students wouldn’t probably be as large as it were.

    TO Awan:

    Haha. You just had to ask that question, didn’t you! 🙂 To tell you the truth, at first i was at the back just to show my face and to show to people that konon-konon I’m a good MPP supporting this whole HEP mess. Haha, such a hypocrite of me! :-p But after a few minutes, I couldn’t take it. I just didn’t agree with the whole thing and felt funny all over, so I exited the crowd and left my friends. Call me a bad UiTM MPP, who cares. I DON”T AGREE WITH IT.

    Don’t get me wrong… It’s not that I don’t support UiTM. I do support it, cuz hey! It’s my place. It’s the whole mumbo-jumbo behind the demonstration that I don’t agree with. I see it as just another agenda of the Government to ruin the name of another person (you know who I mean). A bunch of people from the Govt have mentioned about this before. Did the HEP encourage them to do a demo then??? no.

    I rest my case.

  4. zukhairi said

    is it true that the students were actually instructed to demonstrate??? wow!!what the consideration given by the university?? extra marks?? hope if you could clarify it.tq:) “student power”

  5. From my understanding, and according to a very reliable source of mine, yes, the UiTM branches were ‘highly encouraged’ to do so…ala, no extra marks.. just exclusion from class 🙂

  6. fighter said


    This is what really happened in the mess of UiTM demonstrations.

    By Gods will, in front of me they told Pengarah Kampus (PK) that Perak had to hold a demo or…. Vice Chancellor will get mad at him. So, the SRC team needed to act quickly. “We are going to hold a demonstration today” says the PK. No classes can be done at that time. Students are made compulsory to attend, or else theyl have to get out from the hostel (this info i got from d students). But remember, says d Dark Lord, the press can never ever know that we- hep is d one organizing this demos. U will act like ur d ones wanting this demo to happen. The President was even given a script of what to say (freedom of speech-yeah right!!!)

    And of course students were more than excited to go. No classes aft 3-hooray for us. But with a snag. they cant go out from UiTM at that time. If u want to go to Pasar Malam, or to rest in ur room aft a tiring day, then forget it. Its COMPULSORY, duuh!!!

    Ironically, the VC HAD ONCE SENT US A LETTER…. A letter that warned us not to do any demonstrations in UiTM. Or ull pay for it…. i just pity him, the old man, he had forgotten completely of the letter that he had given, well, old people, i guess, their memory is getting slower. or maybe also i didnt read d part where he said “if the demonstrations were done to benefit UMNO and to trash PKR then its allowed”

    sadly, im part of the Dark Lord Drama too. I had no choice. Freedom of speech is a lie.
    im a puppet..we r all puppets….

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  8. furydose said

    Students must not be easily influenced by this stuff. (Kononnya, ada AUKU nak elakkan unsur2 politik)

    AUKU or not we should realise that our job is too learn. Im not saying we should forget politics. As the younger generation its our duty to be aware of Malaysia’s poltitics. But because we are still young, inexperience and naive, we must ‘watch’ first. When you’re old enough to vote then that’s another story.

    Even if you are old enough you should’nt randomly do demonstrations, shouting and carry banners. I know la…some ppl say cnot demo then some other time say can, hypocrite. But democracy is about healthy and intelligent debate.

    I blame students for behaving immaturely and acting without thinking. Im talking to the people who go to the demo just because some ‘big guy’ asked them too. Even if you went to demo because u urself want to…u shouldn’t. Like I said, democracy is about healthy debate.

    Read these articles of mine:

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