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The Rakyat has Spoken…..

Posted by nuruliman45 on June 18, 2008

Everyone is going against the global phenomenon: Rise in Petrol Prices. The citizens of countries all over are expressing their grief through demonstrations, rallies and strikes…



Activists from the Samajwadi Party shout slogans as they stop an inter-city passenger train during a protest against the hike in oil prices at Prayag railway station in the northern Indian city of Allahabad June 4, 2008.

 Indian citizens fulfilling their right in voicing their anger… 




Hong Kong 

 Article: Hong Kong drivers demand fuel tax cut amid soaring oil prices

Truckers protest high fuel prices… Hong Kong’s effort seemed effective, the Government has shown a quick respond to the demonstration 





What About Malaysia?

Malaysia’s citizens are also taking part in this global protest…

On June 13th, thousands of Malaysians expressed their anger towards the Government with the drastic rise in fuel prices. Makciks and pakciks went out of their kampungs to represent us all in voicing for a rational action in overcoming this abrupt and ridiculous restructure of prices.

MalaysiaKini: Petrol hike protesters undaunted

TVPas: Petrol Price Hike Rally 2008 (KL)


‘Ubah gaya hidup anda’?

The Government advises us, “Ubah gaya hidup anda”… Okay, probably for most of us, we could do a little bit of budgeting in our routine lives – less makan angin, less shopping for unnecessary accessories, cutting back on dining out. We might have not reached our maximum capacity in saving… but you know what, there are families out there who actually have reached their level of budgeting to the max. How do you expect a family who consumes meals of rice with kicap and ikan kering to further cut down?  They probably do not experience the difficulty in saving petrol because they only go here and there by bicycle, but petrol price hikes affect prices of their food. 

This phenomenon does affect every layer of society, it burdens most; hurts the poor.  The Government should sympathize us all.  Again, Petronas, where are you?



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